Life Coaches

Marcel Mayberry, Masters in Organizational Leadership, Life Coach

Marcel has experience in non-profits and entrepreneurship. Marcel worked for a non-profit helping people with disabilities to reorganize and restructure their goals. For 4 years Marcel helped individuals to become more stable sustainable and achieve the goals they said before themselves. Partnering with the federal government Marcel completed intakes and individual development sessions to help individuals define and set their goals for the coming days weeks and months. In his role with the non-profit organization, Marcel was able to help over a hundred individuals with goal setting developmental achievements as well as a list of others. Prior to non-profit work, Marcel coached and helped youth develop themselves on and off the scholastic and sports arena. Working with a diverse group of individuals Marcel has had the opportunity to learn first hand how to develop relationships and work with people and pressure and stressful situations. Marcel is uniquely equipped to work with you to develop actionable steps on your path forward.

Why some people choose private pay/life coaching-

One of the many reasons why private payment options work well in the private practice setting is because some clients may lose their health insurance after treatment has begun. Receiving private payments allows clients the option to continue services, instead of leaving our practice and finding a new provider who does take their insurance. Another reason, some clients may not want others to know they are receiving services, some for privacy reasons, safety reasons, and even stigma.

  • No insurance equals less documentation. This results in more quality time to focus on treatment.
  • Mental health diagnosis is not mandatory and not submitted to your private health records.
  • More services are allowed without restrictions such as online counseling and tele-counseling.
  • No limit on amount of sessions or time of your session.
  • You are guaranteed privacy and confidentiality.
  • Stigma of some diagnoses can often be avoided.
  • Private pay clients are able to choose the focus, duration, and frequency of treatment . You are even allowed to choose the length of sessions.
  • Research shows that clients who have to pay something for their treatment have more positive outcomes that those who receive free treatment.
  • Sliding scale rates can be offered to clients paying private pay. This means that privately paying clients can actually pay less than those who pay with insurance.
  • You or your child won’t be labeled with a mental health diagnosis unless you request this type of assessment.

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